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Three Tiered Approach

We believe in creating win-win opportunities for vendors. RESCUE REALTY will evaluate a house, and if the numbers fit our system, we’ll buy that house! At the same time, we will show the vendor additional ways to benefit from the sale.

Our goal is to provide real estate investment opportunities, together with joint venture partners, to achieve diversification and profitability in Alberta ’s booming real estate market. Our investment goal is to refinance the property within 18 to 36 months and repay the original investment capital, allowing the investor to purchase more property. Over time, the process is repeated, to expand each investor’s real estate portfolio to their desired goal.

We believe in providing good homes for responsible tenants and creating opportunities for tenants to buy their own homes, regardless of their financial history.


We Are In The Business of Building a Clientele of
Satisfied and “Repeat” Customers!

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